Pitch 4 Growth toolkit

mars 5, 2019

“This toolkit on how to pitch is designed with you in mind.

From talents and leaders within large corporations to founders of startups, the aim of this document is to help women of all ages, career paths, and nationalities to reach their full potential. Pitching is one of the best ways today to achieve this goal. Whether you are a startup founder, an entrepreneur looking for corporate partners or venture capital investments, a woman working in a consultancy looking to win a new project, or simply aiming to develop your own skills, this guide is for you.

For example, you will find tips on social selling and branding for yourself and your company. When we explain how to build a successful presentation or to become a storyteller, we are talking to you both as a person and as a company. Take from this toolkit what is most useful and come back to it time and time again.”

– Stéphanie Barreau, President of AmCham France

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