2022 Candidate Position Table

janvier 12, 2022


??We are very pleased to present our second version of AmCham France’s Interactive Table of the main candidate positions on business issues for the upcoming French presidential elections.

This chart will serve as a quick summary and comparison of where the candidates have positioned themselves on 7 selected key topics, which include:  

  • Transatlantic commerce
  • Business and Corporate tax plans
  • Labor policy
  • Reindustrialization
  • Europe
  • Climate
  • Diversity & inclusion

It will be completed and updated on a weekly basis on our website in the upcoming days leading up to the election in April, as new information comes out. 

We hope this chart will be a useful and efficient tool to understand where the candidates stand on issues that are crucially important to the AmCham, yet often neglected on the campaign trail or in the media in such polarizing times.


Please download the publication HERE .


If possible, please open the PDF with Adobe Reader (secured link shared inside). For many of the different positions, we encourage you to scroll or click over the yellow question mark in each cell. This will provide a pop-up with a more in-depth explanation of what has been summarized. 

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