12 Propositions to Reinforce French Competitiveness Internationally

septembre 18, 2019

AmCham France is taking action to improve French competitiveness!

The AmCham Business Advocacy Bureau, composed of Policy and Tax Committee representatives alongside Board members, is proud to publish today its 12 recommendations to reinforce French competitiveness internationally.

The Business Advocacy Bureau also created three thematical position papers to further detail these recommendations. These papers are exclusively available to AmCham France’s members. These concrete propositions aim at bolstering foreign investment in the fields of innovation and industry.

Read our white paper on Taxation (French version) (English version)

Read our white paper on Innovation (French version) (English version)

Read our white paper on Reindustrialization (French version) (English version)

We hope you can use them to help your positioning or to further your advocacy efforts. Do not hesitate to share them within your companies and in your networks.

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