What is an AmCham Working Group?

The working group will create a unique report presenting a diagnosis of a particular issue and provide concrete policy or business related recommendations. The group is made up of CEOs and Directors from French and American companies, a startup or innovative tech company, as well as younger members of companies who serve as rapporteurs and sherpas. These members will interview experts and members of civil society in order to provide greater depth and breadth of expertise on the topic.


  • Corinne de Bilbao, GE
  • Jean-Pierre Letartre, EY

Topic: Climate and Innovation

This report builds on the initiatives implemented by companies in various sectors, and identifies concrete actions to establish a more favorable climate innovation framework in France. It is in this voluntarist context that the strategy of our companies must be set, with the mission of offering the greatest number of solutions that respect the environment.

Although the innovative approaches taken by companies in favor of the climate are essential to the progress of progress, their development takes time and requires the establishment of a framework adapted to their diffusion. It is only through the collective, rapid and thoughtful action of economic actors, and with the support of governments, that we can win the fight against global warming.

Tomorrow, we know it, we will have to answer a growing demand with solutions that are affordable but also respectful of the environment. We will have to address the challenges of mobility, continue developing renewable solutions and adapt our organizations to reflect the reality of our commitment.

We are convinced that business strategy and climate responsibility must be one.

This report marks the first step of a reflection that we wish to continue, but it is also a very concrete testimony of the actions undertaken by our companies.

We thank you for your interest.

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