AmCham’s member, UPS, make a consequent investment with $100 million Advanced Technology Hub in Paris.  

juin 29, 2018

This week, United Parcel Service, inaugurated a 30,000 m2 facility in Corbeil-Essones/Evry for their Advanced technology Paris Hub in presence of the French Minister of Transportation, Elisabeth Borne. This building is highly efficient tech-enabled and it is places at a strategic point in UPS’s smart global logistic network. It is equipped with advanced technology, automated sorting equipment and has the potential to sort up to 37,000 packages per hour. It is twice the capacity of UPS’s two others facilities, Chilly-Mazarin and Savigny. Modern and efficient, this hub will employ around 1000 people, facilitate cross-border trade and enhance package delivery service in the Île-de-France Area. 
This investment has been said as being the largest investment ever in France. It shows the confidence that UPS is giving in the French economy. AmCham is very pleased that their members recognize the renew dynamism and the attractiveness of France and choose this country to decide on such important investment and install this type of facility. It will help France connect with the global trade arena. This investment is part of the UPS’s ongoing $2 billion investment plan to enhance its European network throughout 2019 which aims to modernize and expand UPS network across the continent. 
UPS’s declared that they were grateful for “the business-minded support from the government partners who share the same growth-oriented view of France’s role in international trade.”(Nando Cesarone, President of UPS International). As it was published by Business France a few weeks ago, foreign investment in France rose of 16 percent in 2017 to levels we have not seen for a decade France. AmCham is glad this trends is being confirmed for 2018 with such important investment as the ones UPS made. 
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