AmCham and NextGen organize their first workshop of the year at Steelcase

février 13, 2019

On Tuesday, February 12, we organized a workshop on the Future of Work at Steelcase‘s offices. This is the very first workshop of 2019 affiliated to our NextGen program and we are getting off to a good start!

We welcomed over 40 participants including CEOs, Comms Directors, Managers from corporates, startups and consulting firms. During the conference, we had the opportunity to hear a panel discussion on how today’s workplace changes and to share best practices to respond to those challenges. We wrapped the event with a nice cocktail dinner, provided by Steelcase.

The key elements to remember

Putting People At The Core 

  • Technology changes everything and facilitates the way we work
  • However, technology is not sufficient by itself. First, spaces are more and more needed to keep the human value. Secondly, talents are essential and there is a need to develop the right skills.
  • Human capital needs to be put into the heart of the strategy and an adapted talent strategy needs to be developed. 

Peer to Peer learning

  • Peer to peer can look at first non-intuitive because we are often not aware of our own capacities and what we can teach others
  • However, learning tends to be much more intuitive when it is done through Peer to Peer leaning rather than simple training

Agility & Adaptation 

  • Creativity is what’s left for us human beings. we need to build well developped spaces to enable and boost creativity
  • Today’s leadership is about: Anticipate, Drive, Accelerate, People (Partnerships),Together.
  • However, a company’s culture and values is also essential to adapt to change


Thank you to our speakers:

  •  Charles Puybasset, Co-founder & CEO, Nova France
  • Xavier Fuchs, Sales Director, Business Development French speaking markets, Steelcase
  • Nathalie Rigaut, Insight Led Experience Consultant, Steelcase
  • Victoria Lorenz, Executive Search Partner, Korn Ferry
  • Lucie Le Vaillant, Responsable Avant-Projet, Klaxoon
  • Dany Agostinho, Strategic Partner Manager, Workplace by Facebook

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