Nov 2018

Midterms 2018: A Turning Point for U.S. Domestic Policy?

Pavillon Ledoyen, Carré des Champs-Elysées
8, avenue Dutuit 
75008 Paris

8:30 am - 10:00 am

This event will be held in English

On the morning of Election Day, AmCham France and Institut Montaigne will gather a high-level panel of experts to predict outcomes for the Midterms and assess what is at stake for U.S. domestic policy.

Two years after Donald Trump’s accession to power, will the Republican Party keep its stronghold on both houses of Congress? Will they suffer losses in the Senate, House, or both?

Our experts will discuss whether the outcome of the Midterms will be an affirmation of President Trump’s record and what the results might mean for the 2020 election cycle. They will also gauge the possibility of a realignment in American politics, and what this means for the domestic political agenda. They will also delve into the America First policy and the actions that economic actors are taking to prevent trade isolationism.

Finally, our panelists will look at the bigger picture, and debate what these changes on the domestic front mean for the transatlantic relationship and the future of the Western alliance.


Dominique Moïsi

He is a visiting Research Professor at King’s College London and Special Advisor to Institut Montaigne. He is a founding member of the Institut français des relations internationales (Ifri), for which he worked as Deputy Director before being appointed Special Advisor. Dominique has lectured at Sciences Po, Harvard and at the College of Europe in Natolin.

Jérémie Gallon

Jérémie Gallon joined AmCham France as Managing Director in September 2017. He previously worked in Washington DC as senior political advisor to the Ambassador of the European Union to the United States. In this role he covered a broad set of topics including UN affairs, multilateral and global governance matters, EU-US cooperation on the migration crisis, and international human rights.

Stacy Meichtry

Stacy Meichtry is the Paris Bureau Chief of The Wall Street Journal. He was previously the Journal's Italy correspondent, where he covered the euro crisis, the downfall of Silvio Berlusconi and the historic papal election of 2013.

Meghan Milloy

Meghan Milloy is the co-founder of Republican Women for Progress, a non-profit focused on empowering women to be more engaged in politics and policy, and was previously the Chair of Republican Women for Hillary. She is also currently a Robert Bosch Stiftung fellow based in Berlin working on transatlantic finance and trade issues. 

Soli Özel

Soli Özel joined Institut Montaigne as a visiting fellow in June 2018. He is professor of International Relations at Kadir Has University in Istanbul, a fellow at the Robert Bosch Academy, and a columnist for the Turkish daily Habertürk. Since 2002, Soli Özel has also contributed to Project Syndicate on different occasions, commenting on Turkish politics.