NextGen is a transatlantic network accelerator made up of innovative startup co-founders, intrapreneurs and directors of innovation from large multinationals and partners from the French startup ecosystem.

We’re focused on driving cross-disciplinary innovation, creating transatlantic ties to the US startup ecosystem, helping startups expand into the US market, and giving NextGen startups access to AmCham corporate members. 

The focus is on innovative startups with transatlantic goals. Helping them as they expand into the American market from France, or the French market from the US.

Join us as your footprint is expanding, or as a young startup with global aspirations. We will host regular events and workshops to help us connect with one another, hold conversations to learn from experts, and to celebrate the progress our businesses are making.

It is called NextGen because our companies are the next generation of innovation and commerce. It was founded in 2014 by Jason McDonald and Benoît Baillet. Their vision was to create a space for startups to engage and connect with the members of AmCham, and to help become successful.


  • NextGen membership is a full AmCham Membership (2 Contacts join our network of hundreds)
  • Regular NextGen Events/Workshops
  • Hosting the Annual Ticket to America Competition (See the pictures of this year's competition)
  • Access to other AmCham events 

Let us know if you would like to join NextGen by contacting Zahira Benabdallah.


  • Audrey Mermet, Disneyland Paris
  • Maroiane Naami, BNP Paribas
  • Paul Prins, FreshVine



THIS YEAR’S COMPETITION IS OVER. KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR NEXT YEAR’S APPLICATIONS! Click here to see the pictures of this year’s event. An annual pitch…

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